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* Authorised by the M.F.S.A. Malta


S.C. Meridiana Transfer de Bani S.R.L. is the first payment institution with fully Romanian capital, authorized by the National Bank of Romania to provide money remittance services according to GEO 113/2009 and Directive 2007/64/EC.
Our company is part of the Atlassib Holding and has been providing money remittance services since 2008. Our services are addressed to individual clients only.
We offer our customers the advantages of an electronic money transfer system, by the promptitude and safety or the transactions: no need to fill out forms, no need of a bank account and the person receiving the money does not pay any commissions. The transactions are made only in the presence of the owner, based on a valid identity card and the transfer code.
Through our partners and collaborators, we provide the money transfer service through a continuously developing network, which includes UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Posta Atlassib, Atlassib agencies from the West of Europe and Victoriabank from the Republic of Moldavia.
We propose one of the most competitive commission lists, starting with 3 euros, and we reward the fidelity of our customers by promotional campaigns and by the free additional service of notifying the receiver by SMS.
S.C. Meridiana Transfer de Bani S.R.L. was first in its branch in Top Profit Romania 2010 and in Top Business Romania 2009 and 2010.
Why choose Meridiana Transfer de Bani?
For the competitive fees.
There are no charges for the receiver of the money transfer.
Your money is available within minutes after the transfer has been performed, according to the agent`s availability.
We guarantee the security of our services: transactions are only performed according to the transfer code and your ID.
You don’t need to fill in any forms.
You don’t need a bank account to send or receive money.
You send and receive money in cash.