IKEA shipping to Malta at 25%!

25% + VAT from your purchase list value!!!


With us within 7 days your purchased products will arrive at your address in Malta!

…and we mean it !

Follow three easy steps:

  1. Create your shopping list on IKEA’s website and choose Catania shop;
  2. Check the total amount of your list and add 25%+vat to know your quote;
  3. Forward your list to us in order to receive payment instructions.

All confirmed orders by Wednesday will be delivered in the same week on Friday and  Saturday!

Minimum charge 30 € + vat

NEW starting from July 2018!!! 

Ikea Catania created a pick up point !

It is now possible for Maltese residents to purchase the goods online and when it comes to choose the delivery address just choose “Punto di ritiro Catania” . Thanks of this new way , Ikea furniture shopping it’s easy, you won’t need to transfer anymore the goods amount to us and not even the transport as it can be paid on delivery! Send us an email for more info at ikea@mihai.com.mt .

More in detail:

– You can create the shopping list Here ;

– The .pdf file you have to send it via email to : ikea@mihai.com.mt

You can choose to transfer the shopping amount plus the shipping amount to us and we will purchase the goods on the following trip to Catania, subject to products availability or else you can choose to make IKEA prepare the cart for you. In this last option you will transfer the shopping amount to IKEA once the cart is prepared and the shipping amount to us.

– IKEA Catania will prepare the cart for you and it will take approx 2 weeks, we will then collect it from them in the following trip. When goods will be in our store in Malta, you will be notified to agree for the delivery details to your address.

WE ALSO OFFER INSTALLATION of all Ikea items on request. See here the rates and conditions .

For Gozo delivery or installation an extra charge of 80 euro + vat will be added to your final price.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) :

Why shall I transfer the shopping amount to Mihai Services instead of Ikea Catania? 

Only business registered clients may do a bank transfer to Ikea Italy, so you have to register first as a business client; Once you register as a business client you have to prepare your list and send it to Ikea asking them to prepare your cart; They will reply and give you bank transfer details; After you will do the transfer it takes about 7 days for them to confirm the payment; when the payment it will be confirmed, they will start preparing you cart and will take around 10 working days; when the cart is ready they will confirm to you that the cart can be collected and you will have to inform them which shipping company will do that for you. To avoid all these procedure and have your products in 10 -14 days, you can send to us the funds and we take care of it in shorter time period.

What proof of payment do I get ?

For the cost of the shipping , when paid, you will receive a regular fiscal receipt issued by VAT office and companies will also receive a regular invoice if asked. For the goods amount it will be mentioned on the fiscal receipt and/or on the invoice that we received your payment for goods shopping from Ikea , we will mention the date of the payment and it will be signed by the administrator.

Why the procedure it takes less for Mihai Services than for a new business client?

The procedure it takes less for us than for a new client because we are already registered to IKEA, we can take direct from shelves your products avoiding the preparation period of the cart when the lists are smaller than 1000 amount, we are in contact with them every day, we can pay by card your products instead of a bank transfer in the collection day.

What if one or more products are not available in stock ?

When a product it is not available in stock you can choose to have a refund or to wait until next time we will cross. We will automatically have your missing item in our list and if available you will have it delivered in the following week.

What if any product it arrives damaged or with parts missing?

Just keep all the parts, the instructions and the box, and bring them to our office in Qawra, Shop no. 5 Triq L-Iskuna, we will replace it and inform you that you can collect them in the following week.

Is it included the delivery at my address in Malta or Gozo?

For Malta we have included in your price also the delivery up to street level at your address. We also may do a delivery to Gozo but an extra 80 Euro charge will be applied.

Who Mihai Services is?

Initially created as a plasterboard installation service provider, Mihai Services seeing the given trust of our clients and partners, evolved in other sectors under the same reliable name.
Mihai Services it is registered and regulated by many Maltese authority such as : MCA, Maltese National Bank, MFSA and VAT department.
Do not trust the amateurs ! We are a registered company regulated and authorised by the Malta Communications Authority – MCA as shown on the Government web site ( click HERE ) . When you ask competitors to quote for your shippings make sure they “exist officially” . You will be surprised how many , very famous some of them , they do officially no exist on the authority registers. The authority is making sure each year that we do respect all international standards.
Mihai Services it is registered with the vat number MT 1983 8104. Our office it is situated @ shop no. 5, triq L-Iskuna, Qawra. Our opening hours are Tue – Sat : 4 PM – 7 PM .

Do we have any hidden costs?

All our charges are here visible and there are no other charges such as different rates for large volume products as sofas, no extra charges to replace damaged products, we keep on searching missing products from stock every week until your list is complete and we do not charge for extra delivery, products that are not available in Catania store we can order them from Piacenza which is the main Ikea store in Italy free of any charge and we will collect your goods from Siracusa, the wear house where Ikea will send your products for a small courier charge made by IKEA. All orders will arrive accompanied by a fiscal receipt from Ikea for your purchases and a fiscal receipt from us for our courier charges mentioned here bellow. Invoices for company or bank purposes are provided on request.