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IKEA shipping 

ln love with IKEA products and furniture? Find out how to receive it in Malta.

Shopping from IKEA? Easy!

All you need to do, is to follow three easy steps:

1. Create your „lista dei desideri” on IKEA’s website and choose Catania shop;
2. Check the total amount of your list and add 30% to know your quote;
3. Forward your list to us in order to receive payment instructions.

Note: Minimum charge is 50 euro + VAT

Efficient Services

We don’t like wasting time but we love to always deliver the best results. One of the reasons we are Malta’s favourite service provider is because we do it fast and almost perfect.


Client orientated

We believe in healthy relationships and humanity. This is the reason why our client is the most important ring in the whole block-chain. If you, as a customer are very happy and pleased by the quality of our services, we will grow and exist further….so it’s a win-win scenario.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don’t take big words for granted. We believe that we have to deserve your appreciation as well as recognition. Try us out today to see that we have our facts where are words are. 

Ship your parcels to Europe with us !

Parcel shipping with Atlassib 

Along with it’s partner Atlassib Italy, Atlassib Malta will pick-up and deliver your parcels anywhere in Europe.

Safe shippig
Parcel tracking - click here

Weekly Pick-up and shipping

The parcels are shipped on a weekly basis. Check out all the details on the dedicated page.

Delivery to our agencies
Authorized by the Malta Communication Authority

We located in Malta

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Flexible Rate Fees


Flexible Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes for my Ikea order to arrive in Malta?

All orders accepted by us and payment confirmation sent by email are to be delivered in the following week of your order.

May I buy from Ikea items of a total value of 5 euro??

You certainly may considering that our minimum charge is 50 euro + vat.

Why competitors offering the same service are charging less than Mihai Services?

The tarrifs have been calculated following the time and logistic needed to deliver within 7 days. We also work officially, a small word but this brings you and brings us extra costs in taxes and VAT.

We deliver within 7 days;

Items not in stock are purchase when available and deliverey it is included up to finalising your complete list of goods;

Damaged products are collected and changed and delivered againb or refunded;

We use the fast sea freights of Virtu Ferries which has a higher cost than Tirrenia slow ferry;

We cross on Mondays for your items although we might have our van 90% empty because your order for us it’s important more than anything else.

This is why you can rely on us and no extra fees will be charged if any of the above situations will happen with your order.

Each payment to us it’s registred and a VAT fiscal receipt will be issued also when clients they do not request it. Your receipt you will always find it available at our office. You can so deduct your expenses or at least be certain that ours it is a 100% legal courier service wher taxes and VAT are paid to the Governement and not taken by us.

The best is to ask if all this services, for your own protection,are available for you with  similar transporters.

The best part of not asking for a fiscal receipt is not that you saved some cash, is that you have no right to complain in case something happens with your order and payment 😉 .

May I obtain any discount on the shipping rates?

Yes, we can offer a 33% discount which will mean for you that the cost won’t be 30% but 20% if order has a total value heigher than 4000 euro of goods.

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