• Commercial van + driver rental
  • Plasterboard installation
  • Post and courier services
  • Goods transportation
  • Catering services
  • Furniture assembly
Move goods at one go!

Choose the panel van size and solve the hassle of moving bulky goods.

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Interior finishings

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Plasterboard works

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Carpet,  parquet, stretched systems…

Ship your parcels:

Postal items shipped by Atlassib Atlantic Travels

Along with it’s partner Atlassib Italy, we will will pick-up and deliver your parcels anywhere in Europe.

This is not a door to door service. We offer agency to agency postal service.

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Safe shippig
Parcel tracking

Weekly Pick-up and shipping

The parcels are shipped on a weekly basis. Check out all the details on the dedicated page.

Delivery to our agencies
Authorized by the Malta Communication Authority

Interior finishings


Stretched ceilings systems - Modular carpet - Acoustic panels - Modular walls - Suspended floor - Plasterboard installation - Modular suspended ceilings - Turnkey commercial and office services