Cargo Taxi

Load and move your goods in Malta 



Van hire with driver is a great way to help improve the efficiency and ease of certain jobs, such as moving house or transporting large amounts of materials to a different destination. If you would like to know more about what we do, please feel free to get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Mihai Group ltd offers any commercial panel van size you may require for your transport, available within minutes.

Cargo Taxi

When bulky goods are to be moved fast, we give you the right logistic to make it possible.

Same like a passengers taxi service, now you can enjoy Cargo Taxi: a fast and reliable goods moving option. Easy booking, with no delays, heavy or oversized goods, personal items, eventually your shopping when supplier cannot deliver it for you. Enjoy Cargo Taxi!

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Spring garage clearance?

We can collect your waste and help you to get rid of it in just few minutes. Terms and conditions are applied.

Are you selling online?

There is no easier way to make it go at destination on its own! Gym equipment, large frames, jet sky, motorbike or a huge wardrobe are sent with just few clicks to any address in Mlata.

Moving to a new flat?

You can handle it but what you do when there is a lot of staff to move by using your small car? Either you do many up and down trips or else we send you a big van, you load all at once and all is settled.

They sell but hey don't deliver?

How many times we want to buy bulky staff but is very hard to find someone with a van available or they just cancel in the last minute? Rely now on Cargo Taxi and relax, book a van and a handyman, your products will arrive at your street level faster than ever.

How does it work?

Let’s say it’s 8.00 AM and you just find out that a van or a van plus one helper are urgently needed.
Fill up the form or book via whatssapp, check today’s live vans availability and within one hour we will be at your indicated address ready to load.
Please note that driver does not load goods heavier than 20 kgs so in case you have no one on the spot to load you might want to book a van + a workman to help loading and unloading.
As easy as that with Cargo Taxi